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History is distorted –‘cos it ain’t all there, so let’s examine the truth so we can clear the air – Jalal Mansur Nuriddin aka Lightnin' Rod

This is a feature documentary on the forgotten roots of rap. The story centers around the life and times of Jalal Mansur Nuriddin of The Last Poets – and the forgotten influence of his seminal record ‘Hustlers Convention’. Along the way, it reveals the deep roots rap music has in the oral tradition of the Jail Toast. When Jalal’s toasting style met the politics of the post-Malcolm X era, we had the birth of rap as we know it today. By supporting us, you will be helping us preserve this world changing legacy.

About The Filmmakers

We are a small but dedicated group who have committed the last two years of our lives to document the untold story of Jalal.

The core production team is Mike Todd, who is Producer/ Director on the project, Quenell Jones who is Cinematographer and Producer, and Producer Lathan Hodge. Other members of the team include Carlos Solorio, Emily Lewis-Dunn and Geseth Garcia.