The Hustler's Convention

   The wise ain't fool's that blow their cools,
   in the game of cop & blow, for a fool ain't wise
   that alibi's, when in fact he doesn't know.

   Crazy is sane, when there's freedom to gain,

from the valley of despair, and all we do, won't help me or you, if we ourselves don't care.

UFO, now they might know what's happening out in space,
but most of mankind is out of their minds, if they think
there's a super race.

Death dealing devices sold at high prices, designed with us in mind to buy,
as they kill us slow; and some of us don't even know;
we're paying the machine to die.

Hear! hear what you wanna hear, hear hip or square, hear far or near,
hear the sound of courage, hear the sound of fear;
and even
if your deaf you still have plenty left; so hear!

Hear Be hear Bop, hear the bottom, hear the top,
hear bang, hear boom, hear zing, hear zoom, hear slow,
hear fast, hear smash, hear crash, hear the furious,
hear the curious, hear the sane, hear the mad, hear the good,
hear the bad, hear the happy, hear the sad, hear rock,
hear roll, hear jazz, hear soul, hear rhythm, hear blues,
hear about the people that's paying them dues,
hear about, there about, where about home!