The Hustlers Convention - Special 40th Anniversary Performance


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(Photo credit: Siobhan Bradshaw)


Come and see the man himself run down the whole tale, live of stage at the Jazz Cafe, London on Monday 10th February 2014. Back in the UK for the first time in nearly a decade, Jalal will be joined on stage by Cleveland Watkiss and more of the world class players, The Jazz Warriors, filling in for Kool & The Gang, Tina Turner, Brother Gene, Bernard Purdie, Bobby Matos, Cornell Dupree, Billy Preston, Buddy Miles and the rest of the original all star cast.


The night was a great success and 'the joint was packed, back to back', with Gilles Peterson, Alan Douglas, Ron St. Germain and Mr George Clinton all in attendance. You can read some reviews of the performance here and here, or read up on the background of the album in this piece in the Guardian.

Some news of things to come was addressed directly to the crowd, including a tantalising, long-completed second act to the story entitled 'The Hustler's Detention', and a ten year in the making rhyming autobiography, complete with glossary. Future performances have been mooted elsewhere in the world, so watch this space for more information.